Secret Musick – The New Album!

Announcing Secret Musick, my first album of electronic compositions.

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NOTE: I am planning to migrate the album to CDBaby very soon. 

There are 8 tracks on this album, and they cover a range of styles and moods.

Full Steaming is a pop-classical romp which nods to the 12-bar blues and for me evokes the sleek steam express trains of the 1930s.

Another Rain is similar to Bach’s Prelude in C, but has its own character – a falling motif collects in the bass parts like water.

Sleepfulness and Wakefulness is an extreme canon – there are four parts combined in two canons (a canon is a melody that makes harmony with itself when overlapped); and if you were to play the score backwards it would sound just the same!

Chequers is a minimalist piece in which musical “tiles” are fitted together in many different arrangements, reminiscent of the abstract tessellated art of the Islamic Golden Age.

Fugue in Sepia is a fugue without key changes. All tonal development is accomplished through changes through the church modes, creating a subdued and enchanting effect that reminds me of an old sepia photograph. The acoustic version of this was toured through Ontario by Trio Taco in Autumn 2019. 

Y Môr (Amlwch) is an electronic rendition of a piano composition that I later orchestrated. It was inspired by a walk along the headland near Amlwch on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales. As I was walking along with my family, two dolphins appeared near the shore, and entertained us with their graceful synchronised leaps. 

Wakefulness and Sleepfulness is another arrangement of Sleepfulness and Wakefulness. Just to prove that it really is the same backwards as forwards, I literally reversed the track and then matched it up with the original to create a hypnotic sound world.

Bells is based on the Fibonacci Sequence. Blocks of pulsing sound are set against each other in proportions derived from the series 3-5-8-13. It’s one of my stranger pieces, but I think you’ll like it!

Here’s that link again: Tamsin Jones – Secret Musick


I have begun studying for a PhD in composition at Newcastle University. This will be my second doctorate. My mission is to become the best composer that I can be and to create the best music I can to share with the world. I shall be using the proceeds from Secret Musick to support my studies. Please listen, share and of course buy my album if you like it!