My Music

“…engaging…with harmonies reminiscent of Peter Warlock…”, Mike Wheeler, Classical Music Daily, 30 December 2019.

“…a fluid, rhythmically vital style…”, Allan Kozinn, Portland Press Herald, 22 December 2019.

“…an attractive, lively and lilting piece which the choir performed with enthusiasm.”, Susan Johnson, Keswick Choral Society concert review, December 2019.

“an attractive short piece…imaginatively varied through texture and harmony.”, Martin Clarke, Organist’s Review, July 2020.

I’m passionate about writing music inspired by historical styles, but with a highly personal approach to counterpoint, contemporary harmony and rhythm.  My catalogue includes many choral pieces, both sacred and profane, solo songs, keyboard and ensemble pieces, a few electronic compositions, and a number of orchestral pieces including a symphony.  My music has been performed widely in many countries, including the UK, the USA, Hungary, France and Canada.