Tamsin Jones – Composer

I love composing music.  I focus principally on choral music, but also enjoy writing chamber and orchestral music. 

My mission is to bring a 21st-century edge to historic styles, combining techniques in a seamless way while offering surprises and contrasts.  I believe in art:  I express my innermost emotions and ideas through my music.  

My music has been performed from the USA to New Zealand and by such artists as the BBC Singers and Chamber Choir Ireland.

Works of mine have been published by Multitude of Voyces, Encore, Tim Knight Music, Chichester Music Press and, of course, my own Merula Music. 

I am proud to pass on my skills to the next generation of musicians in my role as an Associate Lecturer at the International Centre for Music Studies, Newcastle University.  

Since June 2022, I have been the first composer-in-residence for Penistone Ladies Choir.  I proud of this and look forward to working with the choir over the coming year.


Portrait of Tamsin Jones © 2015, Eden Jay Collins.