Buy the Special Limited Edition of my album Of a Rose: Choral and Organ Music of Tamsin Jones. The music is performed by the extraordinary Matthew Curtis, formerly of the internationally acclaimed male-voice ensemble Chanticleer, and by the renowned organist Tom Corfield.

The packaging features specially written liner notes, Japanese seals, and, if you wish, a personalised autograph. Price £10 plus P&P.

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If you prefer to download music, you can also purchase Of a Rose: Choral and Organ Music of Tamsin Jones from Amazon and iTunes.

Praise for Of a Rose: Choral and Organ Music of Tamsin Jones

“This CD is a delight to listen to.  The harmonies and the counterpoint are superbly blended and the whole listening experience is highly enjoyable.  These modern compositions reflect in a wonderful way the best of the periods on which many of them are based.” – Jolyon Dodgson, MBE

“A fascinating compositional style of intellect and delight” – Jack Stone, Organ Scholar, Carlisle Cathedral (2016-18), Organ Scholar elect, Tewkesbury Abbey (2018-)