Buy the Special Limited Edition of my album Of a Rose: Choral and Organ Music of Tamsin Jones. The music is performed by the extraordinary Matthew Curtis, formerly of the internationally acclaimed male-voice ensemble Chanticleer, and by the renowned organist Tom Corfield.

The packaging features specially written liner notes, Japanese seals, and, if you wish, a personalised autograph. Price £10 plus P&P.

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If you prefer to download music, you can also purchase Of a Rose: Choral and Organ Music of Tamsin Jones from Amazon and iTunes.

Praise for Of a Rose: Choral and Organ Music of Tamsin Jones

“This CD is a delight to listen to.  The harmonies and the counterpoint are superbly blended and the whole listening experience is highly enjoyable.  These modern compositions reflect in a wonderful way the best of the periods on which many of them are based.” – Jolyon Dodgson, MBE

“A fascinating compositional style of intellect and delight” – Jack Stone, Organ Scholar, Carlisle Cathedral (2016-18), Organ Scholar, Tewkesbury Abbey (2018-)

A Detailed Review by Richard Sólyom:

“This enjoyable, innovative disc contains seven unaccompanied choral works and two short organ pieces by composer – and Carlisle Cathedral alto lay clerk – Dr. Tamsin Jones. Jones graduated with first class honours in music from Newcastle University; then, specializing in Heinrich Schütz, she earnt her PhD at Birmingham University. Before her compositional style settled on the Neo-
Renaissance that is reflected in the items on this disc, she experimented with other forms, including minimalism and rock. Whilst this reviewer is relieved to find no traces of either of the aforementioned, Jones’s Neo-Renaissance style, whilst unashamedly displaying the influence of Josquin, Isaac and Obrecht, is yet spiky and is freely sprinkled with surprises.

Chief passion is the writing of canons: the ten-part Ave Maria contains multiple examples, including a retrograde canon, in which two voices (first and second bass) present the same melody – [based on] the tune Innsbruck, Ich Muss dich Lassen (“Innsbruck, I Must Leave You”) by Heinrich Isaac – both forwards and backwards at the same time, the other eight parts providing four further canons, mostly constructed on original themes. The dense imitative polyphony of Parce Domine is beautifully contrasted with verses in plainsong; the title track Of a Rose embraces dissonances and microtones; and the haunting Evening Service in E minor is a worthy addition to the lower voices cathedral Evensong repertoire (although one feels in places the performance of the Magnificat would benefit from less rigidity).

As for the pieces for organ, the brief Chorale Prelude: Von Himmel Hoch (“From Heaven Above to Earth I Come”) places the well known melody attributed to Luther in the lower register and complements it with gleeful flourishes… The disc closes, appropriately enough, with the bright and confident Recessional.

Jones’s music already has an international following: the joyous Noel: Verbum Caro Factum Est was premièred in 2017 in Hungary; Ave Maria will receive professional performances in 2019 in France.

With one exception, the choral works on the disc were recorded by multi-tracking one single remarkable voice, that of Matthew Curtis, former assistant musical director of the Grammy award-winning male voice ensemble Chanticleer; the organ pieces are played by Tom Corfield, for many years assistant organist at Derby Cathedral.”